Peacebuilders Makers Space, a Salaam School Activity

While children are becoming even more vulnerable to recruitment into armed groups, in the Far North Region of Cameroon, we are forging a generation of children who will resist radicalization by including”DefyingHate” into our Salaam School Curricular.

To enhance the partnership between Local Youth Corner (LOYOC) and DefyHate Now, our team launched “The PeaceBuilders Makers Space” activities in our Salaam School, in the Far North Region on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

Chiefly, the purpose of the Peacebuilders Makers Space initiative is to fight against hate speech in schools, promote education, and sensitization of the youngest pupils on the culture of peace and social cohesion. At the end of the activity, a total of seventy-four (74) children were engaged, including fifteen (15) girls and fifty-nine (59) boys.

Having like-minded objectives which include advocating for peace, social cohesion, and the fight against hate speech in Cameroon, Local Youth Corner Cameroon, and DefyHate Now, set out to implement activities with the youngest pupils of Salaam School. Activities ranged from raising awareness on the Culture of Peace, Living Together, and the Fight against Hate Speech.

The Peacebuilders Makers Space activities on “DefyHate” will continue and will extend to women of Mora.

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