JOB OFFER: Finance and Procurement Assistant

JOB OFFER: Finance and Procurement Assistant


Job Title Finance and Procurement Assistant
Reports to Finance and Operations Manager
Job location Buea, Cameroon
Start Date November 2023
Contract Duration 3 months renewable

About the Organization

Local Youth Corner Cameroon is a national, non-profit, youth-led non-governmental organization created in 2002 with the focus of working with youth to promote youth empowerment, inclusion and participation in policy-making and development process. LOYOC seeks to build peace and conflict prevention, prevent youth radicalism and violent extremism through training, peer-to-peer education, sports, policy recommendations, research, etc., and create an enabling environment for young people to exercise their full potential. As a youth-led organization, we apply a Positive Youth Development Approach that strengthens the assets/skills, sense of agency, opportunities for contributions, and the enabling environment for youth.

The organization currently has 4 operational offices with headquarters in YaoundĂ©. With the need to recruit visionary and passionate young peacebuilders to push the organization’s vision and with LOYOC being an equal opportunity employer, we are currently looking for dedicated youths who are ready to not only share our goals but grow as well with the team.

Job Purpose

The core function of the Procurement and Finance Assistant (PFA) is to facilitate financial management and local procurement activities. It involves initiating purchase requests and keeping track of the stages through which each order is routed until receipt and payment. Performing research to identify potential suppliers and evaluating how qualified they are. Communicating with vendors, asking vital and critical questions about products and services requested.

Duties and Responsibilities

In order to achieve procurement-related functions, and based on the needs of the Project, the procurement and finance assistant will:

  • Prepare annual procurement plans, by collecting required information from the Project Manager, and other project staff.
  • Conduct market research for the goods and services to be procured, and produce market research reports and cost estimations for the goods and services to be procured.
  • Prepare technical specifications for the goods to be procured within the scope of the Project, liaise with the project manager and project staff during the preparation of the technical specifications, and ensure that the technical specifications of the goods are endorsed by the project administrators
  • Prepare terms of reference for the services to be procured within the scope of the project liaise with the project Administrators during preparation of the terms of reference, and ensure that the terms of reference of the services are endorsed by the project manager
    • Prepare other solicitation documents, such as requests for quotations, requests for proposals, invitations to bid, etc.
    • Initiate and/or facilitate advertisement processes, ensuring that all solicitation documents are advertised in accordance with the relevant procedures and rules,
    • Monitor receipt of offers, proposals, etc., and secure/file signed and dated receipt fiches,
    • Keep records, file, and archive all procurement-related activities and documents, submit such documents to the project manager regularly,
  • In order to achieve finance-related functions, and based on the needs of the Project, the procurement and finance assistant will:
    • Collect, review, and control compliance of all invoices with the related contracts, grants etc., and submit originals/copies of such invoices and payment requests to the project manager for further processing, while keeping a copy of all such invoices.
    • Collect vendor forms from the vendors, control vendor forms in terms of completeness, and submit such forms to project Administrators for further processing,
    • Assist in the preparation of annual and quarterly financial statements, both for financial planning and reporting as well as for facilitation of audits.
    • Keep records, file, and archive all finance-related activities and documents, and submit such documents to the project manager regularly


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Finance and procurement Assistant offer

Interested applicants meeting the above requirements should submit the following;

  1. A Cover Letter
  2. A Resume

via email to; addressed to the Human Resource Officer, Local Youth Corner Cameroon not later than the 8th of September 2023.

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