Call for Essays: Think Peace Act Peace Students Conference “Young Researchers Chatting the way for sustainable Peace in the Buea Municipality”

Think Peace, Act Peace Students Conference is an initiative which seeks to promote peace, social cohesion and youth engagement in peacebuilding by providing a platform for young people researchers to undertake an analysis of peace and social cohesion through evidence-based research as well as develop innovative ideas in fostering peace and social cohesion in Buea. This Conference will provide a safe space for students to build on evidence-based research and theoretical perspectives to discuss issues of peace and social cohesion within the Buea Municipality in the Southwest Region of Cameroon.

Young researchers from higher institutes in Buea across peacebuilding and conflict prevention disciplines are called to submit essays for the above conference.

Sub-themes of Conference

These sub-themes have been identified based on the different thematic areas young researchers are expected to write and make presentations on during the conference

  1. Responding to Land disputes within the Buea Municipality.
  2. A way forward to curb cybercrime among youths in Buea.
  3. Curbing hate speech and fake news as a key tool for peace and social cohesion in Buea.
  4. Harnessing on the role of traditional and religious authorities for peace and social cohesion in Buea.
  5. What can young people do to build peace and social cohesion in the Buea Municipality?


  1. Young Researcher should be between 15 to 35 Year old
  2. Should currently be a active Post Graduate student or holder of Post Graduate Degree
  3. Essay should not be morethan 1500 word
  4. Essay should be evidence based

The deadline for essay submission is 24th October 2021.

Submit the word version of your essay to Read the conference concept note

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