Achaleke Christian Leke Officially Presents the Premio Mundo Negro a la Fraternidad 2019 Award in Cameroon

As a sideline event during the commemoration of the International Youth day organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, the National Coordinator of Local Youth Corner Cameroon Mr Achaleke Christian Leke officially presented the  »Premio Mundo Negro a la Fraternidad 2019 » award to his home country Cameroon.

Christian Leke officially presenting the »Premio Mundo Negro a la Fraternidad 2019 » Award to his home country Cameroon

Mr Achaleke, a youth activist and peace defender was honoured to be the recipient of the Premio Mundo Negro a la Fraternidad 2019 by the Mundo Negro Magazine published by the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus in Spain. The award ceremony took place at the headquarters of the magazine in Madrid on Saturday, 1st February, 2020.

This award recognized Achaleke as an African whose works have contributed to advance the peace and security in local communities in Africa and amongst African communities abroad. He was selected for this Award because of his numerous initiatives aimed at promoting peace and preventing violent extremism in Cameroon and beyond. His work in shaping global policy on peace, empowering over 1 million young people and implementing over 400 youth development and peace building projects in Cameroon and beyond was the basis for his nomination.
To receive this award, Achaleke was invited for an 11 – day tour in Spain to present guest lectures in universities and communities and speak to medias across Spain, about his work in promoting youth participation in peace building and preventing violent extremism in Cameroon, Africa and the World. « I dedicate this award to young people, to children, to women and to everyone in my country whom are currently being affected by the crisis in Cameroon » said Achaleke Christian while receiving the award. He declared this because, the award came at a time in Cameroon when the country was struck by a lot of violence and radicalization.

  • Achaleke Christian Leke presenting the  »Premio Mundo Negro a la Fraternidad 2019 » Award to the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mr. Mounouna Foutsou

This award inspired him to work harder for an entire generation looks up to him in the domain of peace building. This accounts to the reason why upon his return from Spain, his organization started a project  »Operation ONE Person ONE Hand Sanitizer » to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This initiative earned LOYOC the award of the  »Best Youth-led Covid-19 Initiative » in Cameroon, awarded by the government during the International Youth Day Celebration (Read About the Award).

The government and citizens were proud of this outstanding youth who is positively uplifting the nation’s flag world wide. Also, the youths were encouraged to join hands on deck to help contribute to attaining a dream come true nation as their role model Mr Achaleke.

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