Promoting Barrier Measures and Preventing Abuse and Violence against Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the North and Far North Regions of Cameroon

The rise of Covid-19 in the world has negatively affected many nations with Cameroon inclusive. To respond to this crisis, Local Youth Corner Cameroon, launched a 2 months youth-led campaign targeting 300000 people and 150000 children from 7 communities in the Far North and North Regions on the prevention of COVID-19 and violence on children amidst the pandemic. This campaign is implemented with the collaboration of MINAS and UNICEF and it will strengthen the awareness-raising activities already started in three departments of the Far North region (Diamare, Mayo-Mayo-Kani, Mayo-Danay) and in the 4 departments of the North region (Benoue, Faro, Mayo-Louti, Mayo-Rey).

The activity is done in a traveling way by motorcycles and it does not bring together populations to avoid overcrowding and preventing the spread of the virus. The motorcycles are equipped with sound systems and are gently rolled back into the communities. Pre-recorded messages on Covid-19 and child protection are played in a loop by the device in the different communities on the basis of a clear programming.

LOYOC traveling with motorcycles equipped with sound systems playing pre-recorded messages on Covid-19 and child protection
Donating Covid-19 PPEs while sensitizing mothers on the prevention of COVID-19 and violence on children amidst the pandemic

Parents are pledging to strengthen the barrier measures to ensure that their families are protected from contacting COVID-19. ‘‘I am grateful for this sensitization message about how to protect my children especially my little girls. I promise to take good care of them and safe them from harm during this pandemic season » Said a mother. This project will therefore reach as many people as possible, especially children, adolescents and young people, and thereby reduce the spread of the disease.

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