This is joint initiative to support women for inclusive reintegration in Cameroon, financed by the PBF within the framework of the GYPI, is being implemented jointly by the International Organization for Migration (IOM-Cameroon Mission- lead agency) and UN Women Cameroon through implementing partners including the Association de Lutte contre les Violences faites aux Femmes Extrême-Nord , Cameroun (ALVF-EN ) and Local Youth Corner (LOYOC) for a period of 18 months (January 2023 – July 2024), under the overall coordination of the National Commission of Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration in Cameroon(CNDDRC) and the Technical Secretariat (ST) PBF to support the implementation of the CNDDR’s Gender Strategy of the period between 2021-2025.

The overall aim of this project is to make a significant contribution to gender equality and women’s empowerment in national and regional DDR processes in Cameroon, by supporting and empowering women’s organizations to increase their involvement in the coordination and implementation of DDR with CNDDR. In other words, it aims to strengthen the capacities of the network of women’s organizations and a large number of Civil Society Organizations(CSOs), to contribute significantly and sustainably to Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration(DDR) and related processes in Cameroon, with a focus on reintegration and reconciliation.


As part of this project, women’s organizations will be fortified into a network through support for the establishment of a working relationship with CNDDR and other organizations working on DDR and related processes in Cameroon and the Lake Chad Basin(BLT); strengthening their technical knowledge and institutional capacities; and providing them with financial means to participate in coordination structures and implement specific interventions.

Thus, 02 years after the start of the project, DDR processes in Cameroon will have fully integrated practices of women’s empowerment and coordination with women’s organizations (WOs). To this end, the project aims to simultaneously achieve 03 distinct and interconnected results, through regular meetings of the Project Monitoring Committee made up of CNDDRC, IOM, UN FEMMES, ALVF-EN and LOYOC:

  1. Capacity building and knowledge exchange for WOs on DDR and related activities.
  2. Financial support to the project through the establishment of a mechanism of small grants to WOs and CSOs for DDR.
  3. Support for the coordination and communication of the CNDDRC and WOs to strengthen the reintegration and reconciliation of project beneficiaries.

Since February 2023, IOM and ONU-FEMMES have received funding from the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund(PBF ) to implement all project activities, and to ensure that all project stakeholders meet regularly to monitor, evaluate implementation and plan the next steps of the project.

25 women’s organizations were selected in the project’s 4 target departments. Mayo Sava, Mayo Tsanaga, Logone et Chari and Diamaré are potential areas of return for ex-combatants. The WOs selected, with financial support through grants, will implement reconciliation activities and encourage communities to forgive in order to facilitate the reintegration process.

They will be trained in DDR issues, the Common Ground approach, and community animation techniques. They will also be introduced to non-violent communication so that they can better carry out conflict resolution and prevention activities in their communities. Former associates, the families of victims, and the host community will all be the main targets for building an environment of peace in our communities.

From February to June 2024, the 25 women’s organisations will be in various communities with the administrative, traditional, and religious authorities of their respective localities.

In conclusion, through this initiative, we project these women to become agents of change and peacebuilders within their communities, ultimately contributing to sustainable peace and reconciliation in the region. Through these efforts, we aim to create a network of empowered women who can work together to address the root causes of conflict and promote a culture of peace and understanding.


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