Meet Our 2020 Employees of the Year

Every year, we acknowledge the passion, dedication and performance of every staff as they contribute to achieving the objectives of the organization. This year, we honored two outstanding employees who had an excellent performance within the past year.

Dione Sharon Epie, Program Officer              

Dione Sharon Epie started working at Local Youth Corner Cameroon in January 2019 as an intern from the Protestant University of Central Africa, then later became a volunteer. Today, Sharon occupies the position of Project Officer and works directly with the National Project Coordinator in the management of organizational projects. As project Officer, Sharon’s’ duties involve designing project proposals, managing and implementing project activities and monitoring projects. In designing and planning, Sharon is responsible for designing Log-frames, TORs, activity work-plans and ensuring their implementation and reporting. She also works with the finance, logistics and Communications team to draw-up project budgets, project communication materials and guidance for project logistics. Sharon since her engagement with LOYOC has successfully built skills which she now uses to train incoming volunteers at both the national and regional offices. Dione Sharon since 2019 has successfully implemented over 10 projects reaching out to more than 200 communities across the country. Some of the projects include; the Laughter Heals Comedy Show for psychosocial support of persons affected by violence, the AWLO Cameroon symposium for female leaders and potential leaders on innovative performance and mentorship, building resilience against COVID-19 in prisons, UN75 essay writing & art competition ‘on the World We Want’ and more. Sharon recently spent 2months in Local Youth Corner Cameroon’s Far North Regional Office and supported the improvement of their programs team by training and guiding the regional volunteers. ‘I feel honored and I appreciate the recognition by the organization but wish to acknowledge the efforts of my team if not for their collaboration I wouldn’t be recognized. I want to dedicate this award to my team

IIndira BangaRegional Coordinator of the Far North Region

In 2017, Indira Banga joined Local Youth Corner Cameroon in the Far North as a Volunteer for an activity while she was doing some field work in Mora. « This was the beginning of my amazing love story with LOYOC » she said. After this activity, she monitored the project « Peace at Your Door » in this region. Being in the Far North just for a while, upon her return in Yaoundé, she dedicated her time at LOYOC’s office to learn more about the organization. This is how she started as a full time volunteer with the organization. Upon return to Maroua, LOYOC entrusted her to lead the organization’s activities in particular the « Creative Skills for Peace » project.

In 2018 when LOYOC decided to open a regional office in the Far North Region, Indira was nominated as the regional coordinator of this branch. She single handedly begun the Far North regional office using a partner office and she later on brought in volunteers.
For the past two years, India has implemented over 5 projects in this region, creating a strong and outstanding partnership and collaboration with National and international organizations. Thanks to her, today in the Far North region we can’t talk of a youth led organization without mentioning LOYOC.
Indira has led our Far North Regional office from 0 to 5 full time staff, expanding our reach from 20 to over 100 communities in the Far North and North Regions. « I dedicate this award to my entire team for all their hard work and dedication which eased my work in the Far North Region » she said.

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