LOYOC sends-forth Fellows of the PIFEY

LOYOC sends-forth Fellows of the PIFEY

We bid farewell to our fellows, an inspiring group of young people who were part of the Professional Internship and Fellowship for Emerging Young Peacebuilders (PIFEY) for the last three to six months. During their stay with us, they served with so much enthusiasm and dedication. They demonstrated a great sense of learning and we are proud to say they have emerged as skilled professionals.  

The Professional Internship and Fellowship for Emerging Young Peacebuilders (PIFEY) is Local Youth Corner Cameroon’s signature program which aligns with her 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan which seeks to amplify peer-to-peer learning and capacity building within the professional space. The initiative is divided into two tracks; Practitioners Track (Fellowship)- Three Months. The practitioner track is intended specifically for activists, civil society leaders, and scholars. Applicants applying for the practitioner track are expected to have substantial practical experience working to promote development, peace, and humanitarian initiatives. Students Track (Internship) – Two Months. This track is basically for students studying in related fields of development, peace, and humanitarian studies from any higher institution in Cameroon and worldwide.

According to our Executive Director; Achaleke Christian Leke ;

The overall aim of the PIFEL is to provide a platform where young people can find ways to improve themselves and also learn innovative ways of solving our day-to-day issues in our communities. As a young person, I know that the lack of capacity for students and professionals remains a big issue. I was once in the same shoes, but volunteerism within CSO and other institutions transformed me into the professional I am today. Our educational system is good but needs some practical touch. This is our little effort to support countless initiatives across the country which is dedicated to this.  

The academic and professional backgrounds of this group of fellows included, among others, journalism, finance, international relations, marketing, data analysis, logistics, and administration. Over the months, fellows had the chance to obtain firsthand knowledge in a variety of areas, including operations, budget planning and implementation, development communication, logistics, and programming. They also had the opportunity to enhance their skills in project management, research, and strategic planning. This diverse range of backgrounds and experiences allowed for a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives among the fellows, fostering a collaborative and dynamic learning environment. 

We congratulate our fellows, we are confident of the professional growth they have acquired and can showcase as they move on. They have gained valuable hands-on experience in their respective fields and have developed a strong network of like-minded individuals. We are excited to see how they will apply their newfound skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. 


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