LOYOC and CAMASEJ Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

LOYOC and CAMASEJ Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

The Cameroon Association of English-Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) and Local Youth Corner, Cameroon (LOYOC) have officially entered into a strategic partnership with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Signed today 29th January 2023 Cameroon by the President of CAMASEJ, Mr. Jude Viban and Mr. Achaleke Christian, Executive Director of LOYOC Cameroon. This Memorandum of Understanding, serves to reiterate and affirm the intention of CAMASEJ and LOYOC to collaborate locally with a focus on achieving sustainable development in Cameroon, and will last for four years with the possibility of renewal.

This Memorandum of Understanding highlights the fact that, both parties shall jointly work towards achieving peace and prosperity in Cameroon through collaborative project design, achieving mutual cooperation, greater media exposure, and implementation as well as staff exchanges. Both CAMASEJ and LOYOC recognize the importance of involving local communities in their collaborative efforts, as they play a crucial role in achieving sustainable peace and development. Moreso, this Memorandum of Understanding emphasizes the commitment of both parties to regularly assess and evaluate the progress of their joint projects, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the four-year duration.

The signing was held in LOYOC’s Headquarters in Yaounde and was attended by the representatives from both organizations, as well as key stakeholders and members of the press. It was an inspirational moment as parties both penned down their signatures on the agreements.

Achaleke Christian Leke, Executive Director of LOYOC believes the MoU will drive growth for both organizations. “The media community remains a critical partner in sustaining peace.  We feel this MoU is a huge step for the peace-building community in Cameroon.  Working together with CAMASEJ is historic, as it will serve as a platform to amplify peace and sustainable development in Cameroon. My team and I will spare no effort to make this transformative “. This collaboration will not only enhance the reach and impact of both organizations but also create a ripple effect by inspiring other sectors to prioritize peace-building efforts. By leveraging the power of youth led initiatives media and journalism, this partnership has the potential to bring about positive change and contribute to the overall development of Cameroon. 

“This is historic, and we think this is the way to go. It is important to build bridges with partners who share our vision and who can help us to achieve our main objective – improve the professionalism of our members.” Said Viban Jude, National President of CAMASEJ, highlighting the significance of partnerships in driving positive change. By collaborating with like-minded organizations, CAMASEJ aims to enhance the skills and expertise of its members, ultimately contributing to the overall development of the media industry in Cameroon. Indeed, this Memorandum of Understanding sets a strong foundation for fruitful collaborations and paves the way for future initiatives that will benefit both parties involved.

Henceforth, both organizations share a common goal of promoting peace and sustainable development in Cameroon. CAMASEJ’s expertise in media and journalism, combined with our team’s expertise and passion for youth-led initiatives, will create a powerful force for change. Together, we can raise awareness, foster dialogue, and advocate for policies that prioritize peace and development efforts in all sectors of society.    

Click Here to download the official Press Statement Joint StatementMoU CAMASEJ-LOYOC.

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