Amplifying Youth Participation in Dialogue and Peacebuilding Processes Project.

Amplifying Youth Participation in Dialogue and Peacebuilding Processes Project.

Training of Trainers on engaging dialogue and peacebuilding processes

In a vital step towards fostering peace and dialogue in Cameroon’s Northwest and Southwest regions, Our organisation Local Youth Corner (LOYOC) held an impactful trainers’ workshop for leaders of youth-led organisations from March 13th to 15th, 2024. This workshop was not just another  recitation of theories, it was a deep dive into the complexities of conflict as participants were equipped with the skills and knowledge to identify and understand conflict situations in their communities, identify stakeholders involved, and initiate, facilitate, or mediate the specific dialogue process that can contribute to peacebuilding processes within their communities.

Additionally, these young leaders gained skills and knowledge on contemporary mechanisms for effective communication, facilitation, and mediation, which constitute the pathway to successful dialogue processes. Drawing from a problem-solution orientation, participants learned how recurrent disconnections in community relations can be mended with corresponding tools and processes, facilitation, and mediation, and how they provide ample spaces for youth leaders to assume a progressive role in shaping community dialogue.

The workshop, facilitated by the esteemed Cameroonian Development Corporation specialist Mr BlaiseAbong, is part of the activities of the Amplifying Youth Participation in Dialogue and Peacebuilding Processes Project. (The Amplify Project), funded by Open Society Foundations

The positive impact of this initiative was evident in the enthusiastic responses from participants who demonstrated a sense of agency that now compels them to take action or double efforts in finding solutions to the silent forms of violence that may lead to or continue to spur further breakdown in their communities. In a spontaneous message addressed by participants to the Executive Director of LOYOC, participants mentioned that the training had provided a unique opportunity to renew their commitment to community peacebuilding and to adopt a new impetus on which to build. Dr. Lewong Kendra, a leader from the Northwest region, applauded the workshop, highlighting its importance in empowering young people to navigate the complexities of crises within their communities. Similarly, Barrister Enow Big Stuff Eban from Manyu, Southwest region, expressed his appreciation for the practical steps provided to facilitate dialogue and foster community development, even in seemingly difficult circumstances.

Urging the participants of the amplify project, Atefor Jude, LOYOC’s National Project Coordinator, explained that “LOYOC’s commitment to youth empowerment is a beacon of hope for a peaceful future in Cameroon’s Northwest and Southwest regions. By providing young leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to be agents of change, LOYOC is creating a generation of peacebuilders who can bridge divides and build a more sustainable future for their communities.” He added that the project is missioned to amplify the meaningful and effective participation of young people in dialogue and peacebuilding processes and propel sustainable peacebuilding that invests in the future.

This workshop is a testament to LOYOC’s dedication to empowering young Cameroonians to become active participants in shaping a peaceful future for their nation,” Barrister Enow Big Stuff Eban highlighted.

This workshop, served as a platform for young Cameroonians to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to peacebuilding efforts in their communities. Through initiatives like this, LOYOC is paving the way for a more inclusive and peaceful society in Cameroon. By providing opportunities for youth to engage in dialogue and develop conflict resolution skills, LOYOC is fostering a culture of peace and cooperation among future leaders. The impact of this workshop extends beyond the participants, as they will go on to positively influence their communities and promote sustainable peacebuilding efforts throughout Cameroon.

Participants engaging in practical exercises during the workshop around the importance of dialogue within communities

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