Amplify Peace Project. ‘Amplifying Youth Efforts for Peace Building’ (Residential Training)

Residential Training for Young Peacebuilders on implementing Safe, Secure Community Development Project Initiatives

The initiative seeks primarily to amplify youth-led alternative approaches to respond to the crises situations in the North West and South West Region of Cameroon through building their capacity in the formal and informal development processes. The initiative also seeks to respond to the exclusion of young people in the peacebuilding process and their lack of skills to effectively engage as key stakeholders in building peace while enhancing the abilities as young people to carry out and implement positive practices for safe and secure community development Initiatives.

This activity, with funding support from the Canadian High Commission in Cameroon in line with the over all raison d’etre of the Amplify Peace Project is a step towards enhancing young people’s capacity and ability to properly carry out community development initiatives while fostering the Localization of the African Union Continental Framework on Youth Peace and Security in Cameroon.

Main Objective 

To Enhance the capacity of young peace builders in crises affected regions on Common ground techniques for dailogue, positive practices in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting as well as the importance of stakeholder mappings and strategic communication.

Specific Objectives

  • To enhance capacities of young people in Common Approach Dailogue Techniques
  • To enhance capacities of young peacebuilders to design, implement safe, and secure community development initiatives.
  • Raise awareness of young people from these regions on the role of young people in peace and security.  

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