Local Youth Corner (LOYOC), admitted some 12 new aspirant young professionals to its youth-led team as fellows and interns under her PIFEL Program (PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP FOR EMERGING YOUNG LEADERS Initiative) for the period of January to April 2024. This marks a new chapter in their professional careers. This fellowship will empower them with skills and experiences necessary to become effective leaders in their respective fields, providing them with platforms for professional growth and personal development. 

Currently serving in all four offices in Yaoundé, Bamenda, Buea, and Maroua, the  newbies have been spending time learning and practicing the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles now and in the future. Some of these include designing, implementing, monitoring, and reporting community initiatives. They are equally gaining practical experience in organizational management and operations that will help them better shape their career choices and enhance professional efficiency. 

“The PIFEL initiative was first piloted in 2016 and materialized into a complete initiative in 2021. Over the previous nine years, the program has produced the best young professionals who now work with us as well as with national and international institutions including; UN Agencies, Embassies, INGOs and a lot more”, LOYOC’s Executive Director, Mr. Christian Achaleke explained.

This program seeks to give young people a chance to gain practical experience while discovering themselves, the Programme Manager Mr Atefor Jude underscored that “Our main goal is to give young men and women a place to discover ways to better themselves and find creative sustainable solutions to the problems that face our communities on a daily basis. As a young person, I am aware of the serious existing capability gap for both professionals and students alike. As such, the PIFEL program is designed to fill this gap ”.

Edifying the recruits on the relevance of voluntary service in skill acquisition and capacity building, ED Achaleke Christian added that “I was once in the same shoes as you right now, However, the professional I am today was built from voluntary service within the Development space.  The growing Development space needs a blend of both Formal and informal education to satisfy the world’s growing demands for manpower. Thus, our youth-led attempt to contribute to the professionalization of young people and initiatives”. 


The PIFEL is LOYOC’s signature program which aligns with her 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan has been amplifying peer-to-peer learning and capacity building within the professional space. The two-track initiative includes; The three months Practitioner’s Track (Fellowship) that is specifically meant for activists, civil society leaders and scholars. Applicants applying for the practitioner track are expected to have substantial practical experience working to promote development, peace and humanitarian initiatives. The Two Months Student’s Track (Internship) basically targets students either studying in related fields of development, peace and humanitarian studies from any higher institution in Cameroon and beyond.

Yvette, serving in the Head Quarters shares that “the practical and inclusive experience I am gaining is beyond my expectations and has been very inspiring. The opportunity to learn from practical activities and tasks while being mentored by young professionals in my field of interest (Human Resources) is truly  reshaping  my career choices and motivates me to be a better version of myself. With the knowledge, skills and network I am gaining, I am confident that by the time my fellowship comes to term, I will be able to navigate professional spaces with ease and impact. 

Similarly, talking to Denzel Ngwane Fellow with the Communications department, he was happy to share that his experience in the fellowship has also exceeded his expectations and has opened up new opportunities for growth and development. “I have gotten to learn about strategic communication in development spaces and I must admit that it has been eye-opening and inspiring for a media and communication enthusiast like myself. I look forward to applying these new skills and insights in my future career endeavors. Also, the exchange of experiences with other fellows has been invaluable in broadening my perspectives and understanding of the well known caption; teamwork makes the dream work.”

LOYOC is also gaining a lot from these young people as they share their experiences and knowledge with our team. We have become more impactful thanks to these dedicated young people. We remain committed to building a safe, secure and prosperous Cameroon with young people at the forefront.

List of Fellows January – April Cohort 2024











1 Bih Berenice Mtoh


Female Programs fellow Yaoundé
2 Asah Pharlon Bih Female Logistics and procurement


3 Dielle Daniella Ekane Female Programs fellow


4 Ngwane Denzel Esambe Male Ccommunications fellow


5 Nehsuh Forkum Kelly Female Finance and account fellow


6 Njei Perry Landry male Communications fellow


7 Yvette Kindzeka Female Administration/Human resource fellow Yaoundé
8 Mingosse Mpoamb Vanessa D. Female Programs fellow




Nkemngong Efueti Mary female Communications fellow Buea


Zakiatou Ahmadou female Finance and account fellow Maroua


Nji Ning Anizom Ranson male Programs fellow Bamenda


Betchem A Anoko Ahmed Fredric male Programs fellow Yaounde

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