Laughter as a Tool in Psycho-Social Healing

Laughter Heals is a cultural initiative, a Cameroonian flagship comedy show which brings together the cream of African comedians by using young talents to highlight the role of the entertainment industry in the peaceful growth of society. Among music, arts, and movies, comedy has equally been a perfect outcome for this growth in the industry. From the days of Jean Miche KanKan, young Cameroonians have rising to use comedy not only to make people laugh but as a therapy to build social cohesion and help. Unlike a classic entertainment event, we have developed a comedy show in response to the need to build bilateral relationships with other entertainment industries across Africa to valorise and promote Cameroonian culture, and to use comedy as a source to building community cohesion and heal broken hearts.

The first Edition of “Laughter Heals” was a green carpet show Championed by our own Cameroonian ace comedian, “Senior Pastor”; an award winning and Canal D’or nominee. The show united French and English speaking comedian and gospel artists including Moustique le Karismatik, Oboy, Sparko, Aunty Bara, Badly brought up, Oracle, Toxic and more, under the same platform at the prestigious Red Cross Hall, on May 26th 2019, Yaoundé Cameroon. It had 900 people including 150 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who were invited free in order to help release their stress and psychological trauma. Most of the IDPs after the show affirmed to have been affected drastically by the ongoing conflicts and had not had a laugh in a very long time. They further stated that the show really helped them find some laughter in the middle of all the pain.

The show which started at 7:00 pm began with a Green carpet patrol by early bird invitees and was hosted by Local Youth Corners Communications experts Mbah Drusilla and Ayompe Rita and the Host expert Mimi Kayla. Acquisition of tickets and colored light bands which distinguished the Laughter Heals show from other normal shows was also ongoing. The invitees settled on their tables filled with liquor, soft drinks and chewables, excited to receive the comedy package for the night, MC’ed by Steve (Steve- MC)

The show began with the Cameroons National anthem presented by the Jubilee praise team. Back to back laughter by the public followed as they were thrilled by the amazing comedy presentations in the first part by Aunty Bara, Sparko and DE ORACLE.

A musical interlude by Emma Gospel followed who got everyone on their feet and dancing. also, Dobgima presented a spread love titled »Hate No Body »

After the musical interlude was part two of the comedy show which featured fun comedy presentations by BIG MAMA, BLAISE KALABA, ALOGA, BADLY BROUGHT UP and another musical interlude by the Spread Love ambassador Dobgima, who displayed his song ‘Hate Nobody’ and encouraged Cameroonians to fight hate speech.

The Laughter Heals Comedy show served as a pipe to spread love and curb the distinctions existing between comedians by creating a space for them to work together and bring laughter to the hearts of over 1000 Cameroonians of diverse cultures and origins. Which is why just like the first and second parts of the show, the third part also involved a blend of presentations by both French and English comedians blew the minds of the viewers and filled them with laughter. MARCUS, OBOY, MP3, TOZIK, MOUSTIK

Overview of Participants

The last comedy presentation for the night was done by the conceiver of the show, Senior Pastor who
crown the night with laughter. His co-comedians welcomed him on stage and as expected he left the
public in complete muse.

Prior to Senior’s comedy presentation was Prosper Menko, one of Cameroons best Gospel artists
graced the night with a beautiful musical interlude which ran till the doors of the Red Cross hall were
closed at 9pm.

The laughter heals Comedy show which had been which ought to have been a blend of Cameroonian and Nigerian comedians including Gordons and Charles Inojie ended up the biggest all Cameroonian comedy show in 2019 and the first to provide psycho-social support through laughter, to displaced persons in Cameroon. A video explaining the reasons for the absence of both Nigerian artists was shared to the expectant public, majority of whom respond to being satisfied with the how despite the absence of the Nigerian comedians.

Team and Partners
The first edition of the Laughter Heals Comedy Show was planned and executed by a great
team of project coordinators communicator (from Local Youth Corner Cameroon and other
experts in planning entertainment events like Sony Omarni, Foncha Pius, Mama Faith etc.

The team had partners and sponsors including
– Our key Media partners were CRTV, CANAL2, VISION4, DREAM FM, Vision4, Kalak FM,
the Voice FM, Lady T World, Miss Gina Promotes and Tanteta
– On the other hand, our resource partners and the resources they provided were:
– MBS SYSTEMS: hall display, stage formation, lead TVs and sound systems.
– Bony Da Shako: Provided Mega Provided TV Advertisement on their Led screen across
Yaounde, Cameroon
– Hilltop Hostess Services: Provided amazing Hostesses who guided the over 900 invitees
throughout the event.

– D-S Max: Provided catering and reception services -Jubilee Praise Team: Opened the event with the Cameroon national anthem

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