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Achaleke is a youth civil society activist and a youth expert in peace building with over nine years of experience. He specializes in Countering Violent Extremism. He currently serves as the Cameroon Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth and equally serves as National Coordinator of a youth-led civil society organization in Cameroon; Local Youth Corner Cameroon. The Commonwealth Secretariat recently appointed Achaleke the Global Coordinator of the Commonwealth Peace Ambassadors Network. He was recently named Most Influential Young Persons in Cameroon in 2016 and also named among 100 Most Influential Youths in Africa in 2016. In 2016 he was named Commonwealth Young Person of the Year 2016 and winner of the Commonwealth Youth Award of Excellence in Development Work 2016. Achaleke currently a Chevening Scholars, studying an MSc in International Development (Conflict, Security and Development).

He was born in 1990, in Fiango Kumba, Cameroon, a town renown for youth involvement in violent extremist tendencies like; jungle justice, kidnapping, gangs, socio-cultural conflicts, armed robbery and street fighting, just to name a few. Even though he was a victim of radicalisation and violence, he succeeded in transforming himself from an agent of violence to an Ambassador of peace and change. His past experience has widen his scope and approach in identifying and developing possible solutions to causes of violence, violent extremism and conflict among young people and communities in Cameroon. With the most recent terrorist attacks and rise in violent extremism in Cameroon, Achaleke through his organization, is currently championing youth action for peace and P/CVE. Through his organisation, he is providing intelligence information and possible best practices to government institutions and local communities on the drivers of violence and how to prevent and counter. He has developed a training manual on peace building and a video documentary that has empowered over thousands of young people both in Cameroon and abroad. His success in rehabilitating and disengaging victims and perpetrators of violence remains a worthy effort. Achaleke’s approach of identifying and networking with other local organisation across Cameroon and the world has been of great help in shaping P/CVE initiatives in Cameroon. Providing peace building, entrepreneurship, civic education and peace building skills to young people with a history of or engaged in violence and propensity to be recruited by Violent Extremist remains one of the most innovative ways to fight against violent extremism in Cameroon has been one of his most successful strategies. His story and achievements as a trainer, project coordinator, mentor, coach, policy drafter and innovator in the domain of youth development, peace building, conflict prevention and security are a great inspiration and surely steps on the way to a long journey to inspire young people across the world. He is a member of the Global Youth Advocacy Team of the United Network of Young Peace Builders. He took part in the advocacy for the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and in the drafting of the Youth Action Agenda to Prevent Violent Extremism and promotes Peace.

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