Regional Restitution Call for Proposals

About the Initiative:

This call for proposals seeks to mobilize young people from across the 10 regions of Cameroon, who took part in the planning and implementation of the National Symposium on Localizing the Continental Framework for Youth, Peace and Security (CFYPS) from the October 28th to 30th 2021. As first of its kind, it was a youth-led initiative, seeking to mobilize young people, development stakeholders, policymakers and government to build capacity, raise awareness and develop a roadmap for the localization of the AU Continental Framework on Youth Peace and Security (CFYPS) in Cameroon as well as sample perceptions regarding the development of a national action plan for its implementation in Cameroon. The initiative mobilized 200 people including young people, government representatives, and other international development stakeholders through a hybrid high-level conference in Yaoundé to improve their capacity and knowledge on the framework while engaging them as champions in the advocacy for and localization of the CFYPS.


The National Symposium was the first step toward establishing a National Action Plan for YPS in Cameroon. It leads way to the next step which is the Restitution and consultation to be carried out in the 10 Regions in Cameroon. After this successful event, LOYOC is looking to partner with 10 dynamic Youth-Led Organisations in the 10 Regions represented at the National Symposium in a follow up Activity of this event. Their role shall be to engage Young people in Regions and lead the process of organising and carrying out restitutions and consultations at regional Levels with other Youth Led Organisations, influencers and institutions all in view of constituting a National Action Plan for the Participation of Young people in building peace as highlighted in the AU Continental Framework on Youth Peace and Security (CFYPS).


This follow-up process seeks through restitutions and consultations on the Localizing Process of the AU Continental Framework, primarily to amplify youth-led alternative approaches to respond to the violent conflict in various regions of Cameroon while gathering context specific perspectives of young people all around Cameroon.


Participants are required to submit a Concept Note of not more than 3 pages explaining how they would implement the Restitution and Consultation in their various regions on Localizing the AU Continental Framework on Youth Peace and Security clearly stating how they would capture perspectives on the 5 Key Pillars of the AU Continental Framework on Youth Peace and Security, notably Participation, Prevention, Protection, Partnerships and Coordination, Disengagement and Rehabilitation.


Organisations should

  1. Be legally registered
  2. Have a great proven network and mastery of Youth Civil Society organisations and other Stakeholders in the Region
  3. Participated fully in the National Symposium Localizing the Continental Framework for Youth, Peace and Security (CFYPS)
  4. Have an official organisation bank account in compliance to receive a pollination grant.

Deadline of Submission: Interested Organisations are expected to send in their application to no later than 5 PM  on Monday 6th of December 2021.

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