On the 1st of July 2023, Local Youth Corner Cameroon and its partners officially launched the 2nd Edition of the NAWEWE Sports Jamboree at the University of Yaoundé I Sports Complex. The Jamboree is a two months program that seeks to use sports and recreational activities to foster social cohesion, moral, civic, and entrepreneurial rearmament as well as healthy living between and among displaced persons (DPs) from the North-West and South-West regions and host communities. The theme of this 2nd Edition is; Using Sports to Build Social Cohesion” and it is under the Distinguish Patronage of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education.‘ In this jamboree, I appreciate the intergenerational balance that I have experienced today. Remember that every time you kick the ball, you are kicking hate speech out of our nation’ mentioned Prof. Paschal Kum Awah, Representative of MINJEC during his speech.

Sensitization campaign against hate speech by the representative of MINJEC, Prof Paschal Kum Awah

This opening ceremony featured; An aerobatic session, a Solidarity Gala match for influential persons from entertainment, business, diplomacy and other walks of life to play alongside displaced persons (DPs) and community members. The following played the gala match; Philippe Van Damme-EU Ambassador to Cameroon, Neomi Dalmonte-Deputy Representative UNFPA,  Koppo-artist, Senior Pastor-comedian, Tchountang Bernard-Former Cameroon footballer, Achaleke Christian-Executive Director of LOYOC, De Oracle-comedian just to name a few. Team Cohesion1 in Yellow won team Cohesion2 in blue 1-0 with the lone goal scored by Neomi Dalmonte-Deputy Representative UNFPA. The game was very amazing. ‘They didn’t trust a woman to score and I did and next time I will be glad to play again’ she said. ‘We lost the match but that is not the most important. What is important is that sports can unit regardless the background, linguistic, ethnic nor religious differences. we can play together and build the nation together’ mentioned Philippe Van Damme. While Koppo said, ‘My impressions about this Jamboree are all good because I have witnessed love, friendship and happiness’ 

Aerobatic session, Solidarity Gala match for influential persons/Host community and the Match Statistics


The Gala match was followed by an opening Female football match between team Tolerance and Solidarity. This match kick started by a spectacular kickoff of the #NAWEWE Sports Jamboree opening game by Lauraine Anderson-from the High Commission of Canada to Cameroon. With such a kick, we could see that on the pitch, she would be the goal scorer. “It is really important to use our mechanisms to support peace and Solidarity…” she mentioned.  The match ended 7-0 with team Solidarity as the winners. It was a good opening ceremony match and we actually practiced solidarity which was the symbol of our team name. If we continue to work together like this we stand a high chance of winning the trophy” said a player. ‘Even though my team did not win, we were Tolerant enough as our team name says. We will work harder for upcoming matches’ said another player from the loosing team. The spirit of the match was fair play, peace, unity and team spirit for one another whether in same team or not.

Opening kick by Lauraine Anderson, opening match and Match Statistic


The ceremony was spiced up with a solidarity meal (Rice Party) powered by Riz Bijou. The players and spectators were happy to share this meal while enjoying the great football going on. The rice was cooked and served on the field by Riz Bijou amazing workers. ‘This rice is very delicious, when we heard the will be a rice party we thought it was a prank to call the crowed, but I have eaten, watched great performances and good football and I am happy’. Said a spectator. 

Also, the spectators were offered free medical consultation and tests. The medical team attended to wounded players and offered first aid treatments which released them from their pain. They provided preliminary heath checkups for spectators and provided heath tips and recommendations as needed. ‘I felt so relieved after the medical team attended to me because I inquired an injury on my leg during the match.” said an injured player.


Another striking aspect was that, Displaced Persons and Community members were provided an opportunity to exhibit products and sell. Featuring were were designer clothing, traditional attires, cosmetics, health products, natural juice, jewelries and many more. 

The jamboree was greatly animated by various Artistic performances. It was a mix of talent display that wowed the excited spectators and all dignitaries present. It was indeed a #NAWEWE ambiance on the stadium with the gearing crowed out of happiness. ‘I am happy I attended this opening ceremony because I have been smiling and laughing all through the day without noticing time passing. I will attend all the matches to enjoy myself’, said a spectator.     

At the end of the opening match, two outstanding ladies were honored by partners with prices for the categories, woman of the match and best goal scorer. Miss Mary, was crowned woman of the Match during the opening game of the #NAWEWE Sports Jamboree. She is the Goal Keeper of Team Tolerance, “I am happy to demonstrate my talent despite my displacement from NW to Yaoundé” she noted.

The opening ceremony of the #NAWEWE Sport Jamboree came to an end with a powerful performance by one of Cameroon’s fines artist -Mr. Loe. He left the crowed in awe and expectant for the various matches during this tournament and highly anticipating the grand finale come August. ”The jamboree is NAWEWE, meaning C’EST ENTRENOUS. That is the spirit to see how we can build the country together “ said Achaleke Christian, Executive Director of LOYOC.

Mr. Loe performing tracts from his various albums with a cheerful crowdREASON FOR THE JAMBOREE

Over 400,000 Young people, women, children and men have been displaced by the conflict in the North West and South-West regions into the neighboring  regions. Though they have been received with open hands by residents of these host communities, their forced displacements have made them more vulnerable to stigmatization, hate, crime, violence and unethical practices. The realities of these challenges have deteriorated the trust and peaceful co-existence between displaced persons and the host communities.
To respond to these challenges, Local Youth Corner Cameroon and her partners have adopted sports and leisure activities between and among DPs and host community members as a key tool to provide safe spaces for dialogue, peer-to-peer learning and critical thinking, youth leadership, social cohesion, influence attitude and life skills (teamwork, tolerance, respect) that can make these young people resilient to ideological exploitation that lures to crime, violence and delinquency. Physical and mental exercise is a healing process that affects attitude, self-esteem, skills and behaviors. This healing process helps to prevent high-risk social behaviors, meets the existing demands and helps to achieve the physical, mental and social well-being of the entire community. Each team in the Jamboree is constituted of both DP and host community members. The teams are also named with transformative words such as peace, solidarity, love, justice, tolerance and others. During each game, the athletes nominate a teammate to engage in a 5 minutes sensitization of their spectator about the importance of the name of their team.

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