Our Employees of the year, 2021

Every year, we acknowledge the passion, dedication and performance of every staff, as they contribute to achieving the objectives of the organization. This year, we honored two outstanding employees who had an excellent performance within the past year.

Atefor Jude FIANKOH, Program Officer for Research and Advocacy            

Atefor Jude began his journey with Local Youth Corner Cameroon in October 2019 as a volunteer haven completed his time from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon pursuing a Masters Degree in Regional Integration and management of Community Institutions. He came in as a project Assistant for Research and Advocacy to support our project ‘Youth and Peace processes’.  

Today, Jude serves as Project Officer in charge of Research and Advocacy and he works directly with the Project Managers of all of our Offices. As part of a team of programmers, Jude supports tasks that involve designing project proposals, managing and implementing project activities and monitoring projects. He supervises and contributes to research activities carried out by the organisation and is our advocacy lead in the East, Centre and South Regions of Cameroon.  In designing and planning, He  is responsible for designing Log-frames, TORs, activity work-plans and ensuring their implementation and reporting. He also works with the finance, logistics and Communications team to draw-up project budgets, project communication materials and guidance for project logistics. 

Since his coming to LOYOC, we can say that Jude has successfully built skills, he now uses to train incoming volunteers at both the national and regional offices. He has successfully implemented over 8 projects reaching out to more than 100 communities across the country. Some of the projects include; Validation of the UNESCO Research on the Challenges of Cultural Diversity in Cameroon, The UK in Cameroon COVID-19 Caravan, BHC Climate Change Sensitization Project, UNESCO Research on Youth Skills and Employability, Building Resilience against COVID-19 in Vulnerable Communities and many more .. ‘I feel humbled and boosted by this recognition given to me by my organisation and I dedicate this to the entire LOYOC team as all of this is thanks to a great measure of teamwork and collaboration from each one of us.

Gladys Ntube TABOT, Administrative Officer for Local Youth Corner, Cameroon

Gladys joined the LOYOC team in 2014, as a volunteer in the procurement and Logistics Department. She served at our head office for 4 years and eventually moved to our Regional Office in the Far North Region of Cameroon. In the Far North Region, Gladys again served again in the procurement and logistics from 2018 to 2020. LOYOC is like a second home for me, says Gladys. She dedicated her time at LOYOC’s office to learn more about the organization and its core Values. All these years, she has grown in her skills and knowledge and has equally dedicated herself to the growth of the Organisation. 

Gladys greatly contributed to the «Creative Skills for Peace»  project as she dutifully gave her time and efforts to procuring all items needed for the entire project while contributing in other ad hoc duties. While in the Far North, Gladys served in the « Peace at Your Door »Project in her capacities in procurement and logistics , she also contributed to the establishing of the Salaam school in its early days. Being in the Far North for a while, she returned to Yaoundé and assumed the position of Administrative Assistant and has been supporting the HR and Admin in coordinating the affairs of the organisation and synchronizing all three officers management.

For the past year, Gladys has served as Administrative Officer and is accountable for the support provided in running all aspects of Human Resources and Administration in the head office as well as Regional Offices. Thanks to her, management rests easy in knowing there is a perfect coordination of staff and offices.  « I dedicate this award to God, family and the entire Administration of Local Youth Corner Cameroon and to my Kids whom I hope are inspired by my hard work. » she said.

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