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Below are highlights projects realized and international representation by LOYOC.

2017: Empowering Youth Civil Society Actors as Agents of Rehabilitation and Reintegration (R-R) of People with a history of or Propensity for Violence in Cameroon. Funded by US Department of State .

2016: Organiser of National Consultation on Youth and Government Collaboration in P/CVE as part of the Global Consultation headed by Search for Common Ground.

2016: Lead youth Organisation: Creation of the National Center to Counter Youth Violence and Extremism, Supported by the Prime Minister and Head of Government.

2016: Creative Skills for Peace project; building entrepreneurship, leadership and peace building skills of young people with a history or currently engaged violence in violence as a means prevent violent extremism and promote rehabilitation and reintegration.

2015: Present :Launched the Cameroon Youth Coalition against Youth Radicalisation and peace building; providing helping hands to become peace builders ( With this campaign we provide voluntary consultancy as peace building trainer for other civil society and state institutions – We worked with 20 CSOs )

2015: Developed the first ever National Training Manual on nonviolence, Conflict Prevention and Peace building in Cameroon (we have trained over 5000 young people with the manual, over 100 CSO leaders)

2015 to present: Launched the youth 4 peace advocacy campaign ; on the role of young people in the fight against violent extremism ( over 10,000 young people were sensitized through face to face and mass media, 10 advocacy meetings with government official and institutions)

2015:Organised the first ever dialogue between Youth Civil society activist and Street Children on the Instrumentalisation, radicalisation and Recruitment of street children by violent extremist groups as soldiers.

2015 : Organised four National Consultations on Governance and Accountabilitty in the Post 2015 Development Era, sponsored by Restless Development.

2014: Developed a video documentary to sensitise on youth radicalisation and recruitment as soldiers by violent extremist groups (It has so far been watched by over 3000 young people both offline and online.

2008: National Reflection Seminar on Human Rights and Violence sponsored by UNESCO Sub-Regional Office for Central Africa.

2007: Training Workshops for HIV/AIDS Peer Educators in Cameroon sponsored by the United States Embassy HIV/AIDS Taskforce.

2006:   Training workshop for Youth Leaders on Leadership, Conflict Management and Project Planning sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs Cameroon. Three

2005: Lead Youth Organisation for Cameroon in the Youth Development and Peace Network of the World Bank with a myriad of leadership roles assumed and projects realised with the World Bank Cameroon country office.

2005: First National Youth Conference supported by the British Council Cameroon

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