Peace Building and Conflict Prevention

My best moment in this prison is when i wake up each morning and have to go check my chicks in the poultry farm. Now i know the value of life

Achiri a beneficiary of the CS4P Project in the Kumba Principal Prison

When I was sent to Prison, I thought my life and that of my family’s had come to an end. I thought all hope was lost till the Creative Skill for Peace project, came to the Bamenda Central prison. I joined the Green House Farm skill where I learned how to carry out agriculture innovatively; and it was a life saver. Now that I am out of prison, I have been excited to learn that Local Youth Corner is reintergrating me in to the program as a trainer to train and inspire my peers in prison as a way of giving back to my community while spreading the message of peace. I wish to thank Local Youth Corner Cameroon for transforming my life and for trusting me with this task.

I was hurt and always felt ashamed amongst my peers when my daughter was incarcerated in to prison. After a first hand witness of what she is doing while in prison tells me she is changing and I was overwhelmed when she told me upon release she will continue to produce the beads she learned during her jail sentence within this project. I am presently a happy and proud dad.

Mr Lissouck, Parent of a CS4P Project Beneficialry

Ever since I was sentenced to prison, I thought all was lost but the CS4P project came and thought me how to play musical instruments. The orchestra has given me the opportunity to discover my talent and use music to praise God

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