LOYOC and CYPAN Celebrates the 2017 International Youth Day.

LOYOC and CYPAN Celebrates the 2017 International Youth Day.

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Young people have, over the years, been seen as either victims or perpetrators of violence. However, since the passing of United Nations Security Council 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security, the positive role played by youth in peace building has been unanimously recognized. It was in line with this recognition that this year’s International Youth Day was celebrated under the theme “Youth Building Peace”. Since 1999, the International Youth Day has been celebrated every year on the 12th August, and this year, for the first time, the festivities were around the celebration of youth activism in peace building.

“Little Acts of Peace” was therefore the theme chosen to convene youth at the organisation’s head office at Rue Damas to commemorate this International event. In this light, after the welcome address from the LOYOC national coordinator, Achaleke Christian Leke, the panel discussion began under the moderation of  Mr. Besong Bawack Mallet, LOYOC administration and human resource officer. Key among the activities of the Day was a panel discussion from two prominent women who have been actively involved in peace building. First was a presentation on “Engaging youth in peace building through 2250” by Miss Mambou Happy Kelly, Communications and Advocacy Officer at Local Youth Corner. This presentation was aimed at introducing these youth to a universal tool and legal backing in their engagement in peace building activism.DSCF6866

This call for a better recognition of youth’ action in this space could not leave Local Youth Corner and Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network adamant to grasping an opportunity to put youth in the lime light for their actions towards peace. However, this was not a time to exchange with Civil Society Organisations, already well rooted in the domain, but a chance to inspire youth who believed they could offer more to their community. In this light, Miss Mambou enumerated practical steps to implement activities aimed at peace building in one’s community using the Five Pillars of the Resolution as base. To continue in the light of being a source of inspiration, Miss Noutcha Prudence Issoy, Country Coordinator of CYPAN, spoke to the youth on her own “Peace builder’s journey” to reveal to them her motivations, objectives and achievement in the domain since the start of her activism.


It is at this juncture that the guest speaker, Kishva Ambigapathy-Commonwealth Youth Chair, gave the keynote address with his primary message encouraging the youth to positively use the social media and other digital platforms to reach out to youth on the issue of peace building. This was already put into practice by the organisers as his Keynote address was done thanks to a Whatsapp Video Call from South Africa.

The next activity was a little exercise conducted by Miss Mambou to have a practical understanding of one of the key pillars of UNSCR 2250: partnership and the trust required for it to be more efficient. This was punctuated by a group photograph with participants taking the engagement to support UNSCR 2250 and called it a day.





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