In 2018, Local Youth Corner Cameroon through its activities reached out to over 70,000 young people across 50 communities in the 10 Regions of Cameroon. This outreach involved 3 major projects within the framework of LOYOC’s Peace building, Hate Speech, P/CVE, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program. The communities were impacted through peer to peer education facilitated by our training of trainers’ workshops, media programs, publications, and pass it on
activities of trainees.
Furthermore, LOYOC prioritized the needs of youths with a history of or propensity to violence by building the capacities of other youth activists on effective rehabilitation and reintegration of violent offenders in various communities. Through its major projects for 2018, LOYOC strengthened the youth-government collaboration in building sustainable peace, which led to the development of an Action Agenda, policy recommendations, and the engagement of a National Rehabilitation and Reintegration Networks (NRRN) created in 2017.
Besides Peace building and Preventing/Countering violent extremism, LOYOC also involved in other capacity building training programs such as education, gender, governance and democracy.

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Local Youth Corner Cameroon over the past 5 years has been working relentlessly to ensure that young Cameroonians are key actors in peacebuilding, and their initiatives are valorized by development stakeholders involved in resolving conflicts.
Last year, our initiatives centered on countering hate speech, and promoting rehabilitation and reintegration of former violent offenders. Although the intensity of the crisis in the Far North Region has reduced, the armed conflict between separatist fighters and government forces in the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest Regions is still ongoing. Throughout the year 2019, we have been boosting our efforts at countering/preventing violent extremism, and setting the stage for young Cameroonians to actively participate in the peace process in Cameroon.
The year 2019 witnessed the convening of the Major National Dialogue by the President of the Republic of Cameroon to find lasting solutions to the armed conflict in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, and discuss other security and development challenges Cameroon faces. This was yet another opportunity to influence government policy by ensuring that young Cameroonians submit realistic and achievable proposals towards ending violence and resolving the conflicts in Cameroon. It was our collective responsibility to ensure that the Major National Dialogue does not turn out to be a “missed opportunity” for the Cameroonian youth.
This report presents an overview of some of LOYOC’s major activities for 2019.

Access the full report in PDF

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