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Music in Peace Building: LOYOC Embraces a New Dimension

            If wars begin in the minds of men

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Establishing New Partnerships to Build Peace through Sports.

     For a couple of years now, sports has been

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Youths in action! Like it is commonly said, the youth a

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Promoting the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of youth through sustainable agriculture.

                  In the spirit of building a

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Local Youth Corner Cameroon is an equal opportunity emp

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Achaleke Christian Leke among the 100 Most Influential African Youth in 2017.

After the release of a first list in 2016, the Africa Y

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Employment Opportunities

Local Youth Corner (LOYOC) Cameroon is a national, non-

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Fatima Askira’s official visit to Cameroon

It is on the 4th of August 2017 that the Asky  aircraf

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Cameroon Youth Engage for the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of violent offenders.

The engagement to Counter Violent Extremism has been on

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LOYOC and CYPAN Celebrates the 2017 International Youth Day.

Young people have, over the years, been seen as either

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Peace Road Show in Maroua; Theme: Peace at your Door.

  The Peace Road Show continues this time around w

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National Road show and Sports for Peace Championship [#1]

Sports for Peace Tournament 2017 Theme: Building commun

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